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“Increase your happiness, on a journey to YOU”

The Journey to YOU

I believe that the Journey to YOU is the most valuable journey you can take in your life. This inner journey helps you to get to know yourself better and sets ingrained patterns and thoughts about work and lifestyle in motion. It will thus help you to work and live more consciously, more meaningfully and more connected. In this way you will come home to yourself. It is a way of (learning to) relax, attentively watching, listening, feeling and doing. Make real contact with what really lives in you and give it space.

How does it work?

With the Journey to YOU I have developed my own coaching methodology. I apply this in my 1-on-1 coaching and in my program. We always start the coaching process with an induction session. Then we start with a number of individual sessions. Sometimes a longer program is a good addition to the process.

1-on-1 coaching

Do you recognize these characteristics in you?

  • You have trouble taking up your own space
  • You don’t live by your personal values
  • You sometimes feel stressed out, but feel like this is only in your head
  • You want to experience more balance
  • You want to learn how to deal with ‘hassle’
  • You want to take better care of yourself
  • You want to be more connected with yourself and others

As a coach, I am your personal sounding board and discussion partner. Together we’ll work on lasting solutions for your life and work.

What will the results be?

The result of the coaching process is that you will:

  • Have pleasant relationships and achieve (more) success in your work
  • Trust your intuition
  • Have a clear goal that you can work towards
  • Experience more energy and excitement
  • Develop self-confidence and be who you really want to be

I would be delighted to help you with this journey of discovery to a way of life that completely suits you!

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