My story

My name is

  • Founder of the Architect of Happiness

  • Consultant for organizations in transition

  • Happiness coach for individuals

  • Speaker and trainer

“Don’t make change too complicated. Just begin”

Life is a journey

A while ago I went to an art gallery where there were pictures of a girl, not much older than 5, and the woman she is now, merged into one image. As I was looking at the image I wondered whether it was two people or one. Anyway, it moved me. I could imagine the girl’s journey so well. Growing into a beautiful woman and the path she had traveled. Full of moments of joy, fear, growth and change.

Show Vulnerability

I too know this path all too well. When I was 16 years old, I returned to the Netherlands after living in several Asian countries. Time and again I had to learn what it was like to fit in, make friends and learn about new customs and rituals. I built an emotional wall around myself out of self-protection. While this brought me discipline and resilience, it was my inner journey that ultimately brought me joy and happiness. I succeeded when I was ready to show my vulnerability and true self.

Guide and companion

Traveling has brought me a lot, but it can also be a challenge. When you travel, you let go of the familiar to seek uncharted territory. There were many times in my life when I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Embarking on a journey to yourself is just like that. It can feel scary. Perhaps you are afraid that you will get lost or that you will not be able to find your way back. At these times, I will be your guide and walk with you for a while.

Change as a foundation

During my own journey I completed a Masters in Indology, a study about different countries and cultures. To learn more about this, I studied in India for almost a year. After graduating, I lived and worked in Bhutan for two years. This land of happiness has given me a profound knowledge of spirituality and the art of living. Once back in the Netherlands, I started working as an advisor and consultant for the national government. With change as my foundation, I offer organizations, teams and individuals the best possible solutions for connection and growth. My heart beats when it comes to people in relation to happiness at work, personal development and joie de vivre. I have an eye for the human dimension and the uniqueness in every person.

I have been featured in the magazine Happinez, and am a certified coach, change expert, speaker and trainer. I am also a Positive Change ambassador, nutritionist and lover of art, culture and style as well as being a mother of two sons. I am a co-author of the books Pay it Forward Series and Notes to My Younger Self, Volume 3.

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