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“Working together on sustainable change”

For organizations

I like to connect people and organizations. I show what it means to really work for sustainable change. I work both offline and online or a combination of the two. I start with questions such as: Which values are important within your team or organization? What developments are needed? How can you contribute to the vision as a manager or team member? We then map out a path that creates movement, cohesion and ultimately, (renewed) connection.

Voor organisaties
Voor organisaties

Happiness Boosters

I offer various boosters from 1 to 3 hours on specific themes, such as energy, sleep, happiness at work, leadership and happiness in life. My most booked booster is for leaders and employees in times of change: the Happiness Booster. How do you deal with connection, resilience and stress? In this interactive, (virtual) session I share research, insights and tips that help your team to reduce stress and feel motivated again. Could you use a dose of clarity?

Sustainable change

In addition to short sessions, as a consultant or project leader I also supervise tailor-made courses that range from 6 months to 1 year to structurally guide organizational change. This includes attention to:

  • Research and analysis
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Group sessions/team training
  • Process Guidance
  • Games and fun
  • Culture, values and working methods
Duurzame verandering
Voor organisaties

I work with five building blocks of sustainable change:

  • Directional Leadership: Inspiration and focus to make sense of urgency
  • People-oriented: Realizing connections and meaning between everyone
  • Short cyclical working methods: Using energy and acceleration to immediately see how things turn out
  • Experimentation space: Learning and experience through trial
  • Measuring effects: Insight and decision-making based on practice

What does it bring?

  • Sustainable change
  • More fun and happiness at work
  • Behavior appropriate to your values
  • Being able to clearly propagate the underlying vision and keep it alive
  • Working in a different way, step by step
  • Employees are given room to make and learn from mistakes
  • Making decisions based on factual information
Voor organisaties

How does it work?

Together we will work on what really motivates employees and (re)discover sustainable connections and values that will lead to positive growth of both the organization and people. Do you also want more fun, connection and permanent attention converted into concrete results? Please contact me.

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